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4 tips for first year students in Alcoy

High school and final exams are over, it's time to think about the future! 

Many young people will start university soon with a lot of enthusiasm and motivation, but there is still a very important task and that is the choice of accommodation where they will live next year.

Are you among these students? In a very short time you will start living a new life independently from what you are used to and therefore the first step is to choose what will become your "home". Now, you are probably asking yourself....


Should I choose a shared flat or a university residence?

One of the first things to establish is the type of place where you would like to live: a complete flat, a room in a shared flat or a room in a residence full of students? 

Obviously, each solution has its advantages. For example, renting a studio or a two-room flat is certainly more suitable for those who need to be independent, want to contain some expenses and are used to cooking and doing housework. 

If, on the other hand, you choose a residence hall, it is perfect for those who, in addition to wanting to live in a lively student community with plenty of opportunities to make plans, want to take advantage of all the services available that accompany the student step by step through university life.


Keep distances in mind

One trick to living unforgettable university years is to live in a neighbourhood that is well communicated and well connected to your university. It is even better if you can reach the university on foot or by bicycle, to eliminate transport costs. 

If there are supermarkets, copy shops (essential for students), take-away restaurants and laundrettes in the surrounding area, these are very important details to bear in mind. 

 The Colegio Mayor Ovidi Montllor is centrally located and only 10 minutes walk from the University of Valencia EPSA, the main services for your university lifestyle can be found within the residence itself: bicycle storage, common dining room or kitchens, study rooms, gyms and much more!


How to save some costs?

Obviously, one of the first things every student thinks about when choosing accommodation to live in is affordability. Surely one of the most common solutions is to share the costs between flatmates, opting to rent a room in a flat, whether single, double or triple, as you can find in various offers. However, the costs are usually higher than expected, as they do not take into account electricity, water, gas, internet and various other expenses that can increase the cost of sharing a flat. 

In the case of a student residence, everything is already included and you don't have to worry about anything else, resulting in some cases cheaper than renting a shared flat. 


University life at its best

Let's face it, university life is not only about studying and attending classes, but it is also important to fully live the student lifestyle with other university students and enjoy this time to the full. 

In this, your choice of accommodation will help you to socialise and live your hobbies and passions to the full. 

In university halls of residence, you have the opportunity to meet many people who are studying and are of a similar age to you. You can find people who practice sports and hobbies to share, so you will have more possibilities to do more fun activities and enjoy them with other students. 

Within the Ovidi Montllor Hall of Residence, we have a study room so that students have an area to concentrate and share with their fellow students in the residence hall.



On the other hand, one must also consider the services offered by living in a room for students in the Ovidi Montllor residence hall, as opposed to a shared flat.

In this case, the residence hall has a gym, an indoor football and basketball court, a parking area, daily cleaning and many more services that in the case of renting a shared flat must be paid for separately, raising the cost of living, often exceeding the price of an all-inclusive university residence hall.

Hopefully this has helped you make the right choice for your next adventure. 

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