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5 Characteristics that a university residence or college must have

The perfect home or accommodation for a student is to find the residence that feels comfortably as if it were their home of a lifetime. The university residence or college you decide to choose, keep in mind that it will be the place where you will spend a lot of time either resting, playing or well studying. You are going to live with students like you that you will end up remembering throughout your life, spoiler, some of them will be by your side for many years.

In this article we talk about the characteristics a major college should have, take a notebook and a pen.

Study room

Having an efficient study will make a difference in your grades, for this the university residence must have a quiet study room that has good lighting and isolated from the rest of the world. In these rooms you can make the most of your study, since there are not as many students and distractions as in university libraries, you can concentrate and remain calm and comfortable. Whether to study, read, perform homework, etc.

If in your case you prefer to study completely alone, since you are easily distracted, it will be preferable that you study at the desk in your room, which should include a table and a comfortable chair, just as we offer at Ovidi Montllor. In addition to being able to use the study room for as long as you want, you have other teaching areas for carrying out work, rehearsals or group presentations.

Services and facilities

A college of students must have the best characteristics to make you feel at home. For example, a varied menu where you can eat different dishes to your taste preferences. In the case of wanting to take the food to the university, you have the possibility of taking it in a tupperware.

On the other hand, having parking or enough space to park easily will be a key factor, a dining room, high-speed Wi-Fi, laundry, reprographics, and many more.

Close to universities or institutes

If you want to take advantage of every moment of this new experience, look for residences that are located near the university campus and the bars and leisure area.

The Ovidi Montllor Hall of Residence is located just 10 minutes walk from the EPSA Polytechnic University of Valencia and the EASD Alcoi School of Art. It also has a privileged location to reach the downtown bar area in less than 5 minutes to have a cold beer with your friends from the university.

Promotion of sports practice

Choose a university residence that has areas for sports activities both outdoors such as football or basketball and on the other hand a gym in the indoor facilities, since combining sports with study is of vital importance. So you can practice all kinds of sports without leaving your student accommodation.

Good atmosphere and conviviality

"A university environment encourages, precisely, that the student learns to integrate when meeting different groups of people, subjects and personalities of teachers."

At the time of the university you will meet a lot of people and for this reason we believe that the “good vibes” environment encourages the student to integrate better by meeting new people and new places. It is a very beautiful time in which apart from studying, it is necessary to enjoy friends and different activities.

If you are looking for a university residence for the next course in Alcoy, the Colegio Mayor Ovidi Montllor is your best option. The good atmosphere between all of us is one of the best things. You become part of a small family that will accompany you both in your personal and academic growth.

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