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5 Factors for Choosing University Accommodation

In this article we will try to explain the 5 most important points to decide the next adventure of living in a university residence.

Since many university students come from all over Spain or from other countries, such as France, Germany or even Turkey, they choose a Residence Hall to live throughout the university school year, often several years.

When you decide to stay in a residence hall, you have the advantage of connecting with many other students with whom you surely share hobbies, sports and possibly the University of Alcoy, the UPV.

This is a plus that living in a Residence Hall like Ovidi Montllor adds, you also have the opportunity to dedicate yourself 100% to your studies and to enjoy student time and forget about cooking at every meal or cleaning your room.

We are going to see the most important factors for you to decide if you live in a student residence next year:


This is a very important point when looking for your next university accommodation for the school year.

It is essential that it is located near the EPSA university or the School of Art, where you are going to study the next stage of your life, or at least, that it is well connected.

The college is located in the center, a place where you will not need urban transport since just 10 minutes walk you will get to your university without problems. It is close to restaurants and bars to have a drink in the afternoon and also close to "the march", where the night party is centered.

You should look for areas near services that may interest you, for example, a gym, supermarkets, bars to hang out, etc.

Ideally, you should carefully look for the best option and at least 6 to 4 months before starting the course, it is increasingly difficult to find a place in a residence hall.


You must be realistic with your budget and adapt to what your pocket is capable of covering.

It does not make much sense that you rent an attic in the center if later you will not have money to eat or go out from time to time, although if your priority is that, go ahead, but keep in mind that the best of student life are in the afternoons have a drink with friends, a good tapa-caña.

The Ovidi Montllor residence offers a very reasonable price, since it includes many services that the vast majority of people do not take into account. As is the cleanliness, the food, the gym, the location, the comfort, etc.

If you are a scholarship recipient of the Ministry, take a good look at the grants that your university offers for accommodation because you can save a lot of money.

In conclusion, you have many options when it comes to university accommodation, never stay with the first option!

Included services

At the Colegio Mayor we offer the full board or half board service, an advantage if, first you don't know how to cook and second you don't have time, since it will save you the work of cooking and shopping and will allow you to focus on your studies and on to enjoy.

The room rental includes the cleaning of rooms and toilets, one hundred percent covered, since… who likes to clean? Here is one more reason to choose your next home.

Internet connection is one of the most important requirements, but if you choose to live in our residence you don't have to worry, the connection is ideal throughout the building and rooms.

Do not forget about heating, since in Alcoy it is quite cold in winter, so in a flat you will have to pay an extra, but in the residence the price does not rise, and we can assure you that it is a considerable increase.


When you rent either a room in a residence or a house, taking into account the facilities that accompany the rental is quite important, especially if you like to play sports, study with colleagues like in a library or watch football matches with friends.

Of course, the rent in a residence will be higher, but if we put in context all the facilities that for example we offer in the Ovidi Montllor, the price is quite equal. You can visit the page of all the services (link) that we offer.

It already depends on your preferences and your pocket on what your choice is based.

Independence and security

Most residences and halls of residence do not have time limits for entering and leaving, so you will be totally independent and you will be able to leave at any time with the assurance that your things are in a safe place.

You can also choose, in most cases, between a single room or a shared room.

Obviously, if your pocket allows it in the single room you will have total independence and you will have greater freedom without taking care of the noise for the partner.

We hope the most important factors to take into account when choosing a university accommodation will help you choose for your next year.