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Results of the UPV Alcoi pre-registration


Results of pre-registration
Check if you are admitted to the UPV from 1pm on Friday, July 13. If you are on the waiting list, the website remains open as of July 19.


[ 13/07/2018 ]
Resultados de la preinscripción en grados

On Friday, July 13, from 1:00 pm, the results of the pre-registration in the UPV’s degrees will be public, which you can consult from that moment on this link.

If you are admitted, follow the steps to carry out your registration in the news ‘Formalize your registration’, whose link you can find also just under the end of this text.

In the link ‘access to the self-registration you will find the date and time at which you must enroll. Remember that registration is done through the internet and that it is very important to carry it out in the assigned time, otherwise you will lose the priority of choosing groups and subjects that you grant in order of appointments.


The deadline for claiming the results of the pre-registration will be from Monday 16 to 14:00 on Wednesday, July 18, and must be done by following the instructions on this link.

Registration terms

The regular enrollment period for new students is Monday, July 16 to Tuesday, July 17, inclusive. If you are on the waiting list and you obtain a place after these dates, you will be assigned a registration date from July 19.

If you enroll in a degree and, subsequently, they admit you in another grade that is of greater interest to you, you can enroll in the latter and thus cancel the previous enrollment.

What to do if you are on the waiting list?

If you have not been admitted to the first degree option you requested, you will be directly assigned an order number on the waiting list.

If you have been admitted to your second or successive options and do not want to lose your right, you must formalize the enrollment in the stipulated terms and conditions. In case of not doing so, it will be understood that you renounce the position.

If you are on a waiting list of one degree, after the allocation of places made by the Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sport, and once the admitted students have been registered, the UPV will make centralized calls from their waiting lists to cover Possible vacancies, if any. Admitted students will be assigned a registration date.

If there are still vacancies, the UPV will communicate admission to students on the waiting list, either through centralized appeals, or directly from the study centers.

Updates of the admitted lists will also be notified through the website of the UPV, so it is important that, if you are on the waiting list, you are awaiting from Wednesday 18 July .

Once admitted from the waiting list, the UPV will indicate the day and time you must carry out the registration.

More information

In addition, in the virtual envelope of registration you can find both the ‘General information for your registration’ (regulations, deadlines, documentation and information points) and the ‘Specific information of your study center’ (schedules, Integra Program, Workshops Welcome, University Tutorial Action Plan, etc.).

On the other hand, in ‘Information on student services’ you will be able to know the library, the Sports Area, the Student’s House, the internships in companies, the possibility of academic exchanges and many other services available to the student of the UPV.

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